Top 5 best places to ‘Neck’ in the Cayman Islands

I have been living here all of my life and love my beautiful island. When we were younger we would drive around to scout out “park off” places not just to spend time with our significant but also to chat with our friends and share snacks. Even had the police tap on my window one night…didn’t see that one coming!

No, we were just talking and everyone’s clothes were on! Get your mind out of the gutter. Oh the good old days.

But now its getting harder and harder to save the old necking sights because of development.
So, I have made it my personal quest to still find the best “necking spots” on island.
In no particular order:
1.Inlets on Queens Hwy-What Mandarin Hotel??-If we don’t see it its not there. viva la beach access. We will walk through their lobby. Our ancestors fished and dove on those beaches your decades and that is our land. Claim it and fish, swim, dive and NECK until your hearts content.

2.Red Bay- Go as far as you can get to northsound-Ivan may have cut off some access but, nature is your friend swim cross it and enjoy a great time under the Casuarina Trees. You can even watch the sailboats go by.

3.Cayman Kai- if there is a rope baring you cut through and own it. We were here first! How dare they take our Easter picnic spots and call it their own. Bring the entire family. Eat, drink, be merry but leave it clean. At night, its the perfect place to watch the moon dance on the water and listen to the gently tide wash on shore. A nice bottle of wine, a blanket and the moon. Perfect.

4. Seven Mile Beach mmmm, this one is unique, still some nice authenic bushes you can disappear in, oh what the heck you can neck next to the Governors House. At least you will feel well protected.

5. Any where that your car, scooter, bicycle or feet can take you. This is the perfect island to explore and discover the coolest places both on the coast and inland. Nothing better than necking under a 100 year old tree in a grass piece (field) in the interior.

Necking has no boundaries. Go forth and love.


7 Responses to “Top 5 best places to ‘Neck’ in the Cayman Islands”

  1. Revolution Island Says:

    Do you neck nekkid, or do you neck not nekkid?

  2. Revolution Island Says:

    The author of this here blogaroo is hereby asked to produce a new post, rapido, rapido. Gracias.

  3. MS CUTE PANTS Says:

    Hello! Got here via RI’s blog…

    This is a really good topic to start out your blog with and such useful information, if only I were single and living under my parents roof, I’d be able to give your suggestions a test run.

    Incidentally, I have a co worker, who will occasionally sport these big hickeys. What’s funny is her trying to cover it up…what’s even funnier is that she’s over 40 & married with kids! Well that last part is funny and cute, don’tcha think?

    • caymantee Says:

      Well on the bright side atleast she seems to still be enjoying her marriage, Hickey’s and all! lol. Granted I think it may be a lot more fun if she put’s them in places where only her and her significant other knows where to find them.

  4. Mad Bull Says:

    @ Ms. Cute Pants: I am sure you can still use this info! Try it out one nite without planning it with hubby. Fireworks, I bet!

    Hello, Cayman Tee. Nice post. Came here via RI…

  5. LB Says:

    Love this post Caymantee!! What about the blow holes? I always see people parked there – yes – right under the light!!!!! Looking forward to reading more!

  6. CoolDestiny Says:

    Getting hickeys after 40 … that is priceless. At least we know she getting her groove on, keeping her love and sex life alive and kickin’. Good for her. I’ll bear these places in mind if I’m ever in Cayman (with my BF of course)!

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